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Tonight we have two small children sleeping in the house. Beth and Maddy. Gives a very strange feeling to think of those two little heartbeats in our place, under our care. Feel very responsible... and blessed.

I just finished watching the last of series three of Doctor Who. [Spoiler warning]

I really liked Martha. Such a shame she had to leave in the end. In the end she decided to leave him because she loved him. She loved a man, well, a timelord, who couldn't love her back.

And finding out who the Face of Bo really is, that was a great surprise. I am so glad I managed to not find that out until the moment arrived and my jaw muscles released their hold.

And when the Master was on his pyre I was really impressed that they would have the strength of will to actually kill of such a major character of such vintage. The doctor's very own moriarty dead? Kind of sad but very impressive. It made me really respect the writers. But then... right at the end when a mysterious hand picked a ring out of the flames, a ring with the same symbols on it as the watch in which timelords can store themselves... well, I suppose I shouldn't be surprised but it was dissapointing.

There was an episode I remember because it was a great idea though I don't know the title or even which doctor it was. Just trawled the web, read a number of whovian thread posts to no avail (but WOW can people be addicted or what?) - anyway, it was when the tardis materialised within itself. I think that might have been my first encounter with the idea of infinity. He went inside the first, then kept going, the further he went the darker and weirder each TARDIS became. Also, remember one where someone, maybe a companion got lost inside the infinity of the tardis interior. Those ideas of forever got my attention when I was a kid, but I probably wouldn't have been able to have said why at the time. Still can't, really.

Oh GOOD, just found it:

It was Tom Baker as I suspected, in an episode called Logopolis, and from a fansite...

"But as the Doctor and Adric complete their measurements, the TARDIS suffers an instrument failure caused by a localised gravity bubble. The Doctor pops his head out of the TARDIS to investigate and is oddly disturbed by his sight of the translucent white figure in the distance. When he returns to the console room he finds that Adric has picked the lock of the police box -- and when he and Adric enter they find another TARDIS console room, with another police box inside. And when Adric picks the lock of that one they find inside yet another console room with yet another police box. The cloister bell begins to sound again, as the Doctor realizes that they're caught in a dimensional anomaly -- and if it's an infinite regression they will be trapped here forever... "

Then later

"Tegan, hopelessly lost in the corridors of the TARDIS, stumbles into the cloister room and is shocked when another police box materializes in front of her. In the console room, the Doctor materializes and drops into the Thames, and Tegan is then thrown off her feet by the jolt. Furious and frightened, she is then terrified when the police box door creaks open and evil laughter echoes about the cloisters. She flees back into the TARDIS corridors, only to get turned around and end up back in the cloisters once more. Despairing, frustrated and increasingly angry, she makes a run for it again -- while behind her, the police box transforms into a potted tree. "


Anyway, this story goes on a bit and actually ends with the Doctor regenerating, ie: it's Tom Baker's last episode.

He'll always be my favourite and it was just so funny and cool when the master offers his wife a jelly baby out of a little white paper bag.

After Tom Baker I'd say that David Tennant is second.

Did you hear that, world?

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